Performance of a Parallel Global Atmospheric Chemical Tracer Model

10 years 7 months ago
Performance of a Parallel Global Atmospheric Chemical Tracer Model
As part of a NASA HPCC Grand Challenge project, we are designing and implementing a parallel atmospheric chemical tracer model that will be suitable for use in global simulations. To accomplish this goal, our starting point has been an atmospheric pollution model that was originally used to study pollution in the Los Angeles Basin. The model includes gas-phase and aqueous-phase chemistry, radiation, aerosol physics, advection, convection, deposition, visibility and emissions. The potential bottlenecks in the model for parallel implementation are the compute-intensive ODE solving phase with load balancing problems, and the communication-intensiveadvection phase. We describe the implementation and performance results on a varietyof platforms, with emphasis on a detailed performancemodel we developed to predict performance, identify bottlenecks, guide our implementation, assess scalability, and evaluate architectures. An atmospheric chemical tracer model such as the one we describe in th...
James Demmel, Sharon Smith
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Year 1995
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Authors James Demmel, Sharon Smith
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