Persuasion Dialogue in Online Dispute Resolution

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Persuasion Dialogue in Online Dispute Resolution
In this paper we show how dialogue-based theories of argumentation can contribute to the construction of effective systems of dispute resolution. Specifically we consider the role of persuasion in online dispute resolution by showing how persuasion dialogues can be functionally embedded in negotiation dialogues, and how negotiation dialogues can shift to persuasion dialogues. We conclude with some remarks on how persuasion dialogues might be modelled is such a way as to allow them to be implemented in a mechanical or computerized system of dialogue or dialogue management. Key words: ADR, alternative dispute resolution, argument, argumentation, dialogue, negotiation, ODR, online dispute resolution, persuasion, persuasion dialogue Participants in the ICAIL 2003 ODR Workshop of June 28, 2003 in Edinburgh expressed the view that negotiation had dominated as the model for argumentation use in early work, and that persuasion dialogue should be stressed more as an important model as well. Thi...
Douglas Walton, David M. Godden
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Type Journal
Year 2005
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Authors Douglas Walton, David M. Godden
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