Phalanx: Withstanding Multimillion-Node Botnets

9 years 1 months ago
Phalanx: Withstanding Multimillion-Node Botnets
Large-scale distributed denial of service (DoS) attacks are an unfortunate everyday reality on the Internet. They are simple to execute and with the growing prevalence and size of botnets more effective than ever. Although much progress has been made in developing techniques to address DoS attacks, no existing solution is unilaterally deployable, works with the Internet model of open access and dynamic routes, and copes with the large numbers of attackers typical of today's botnets. In this paper, we present a novel DoS prevention scheme to address these issues. Our goal is to define a system that could be deployed in the next few years to address the danger from present-day massive botnets. The system, called Phalanx, leverages the power of swarms to combat DoS. Phalanx makes only the modest assumption that the aggregate capacity of the swarm exceeds that of the botnet. A client communicating with a destination bounces its packets through a random sequence of end-host mailboxes;...
Colin Dixon, Thomas E. Anderson, Arvind Krishnamur
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where NSDI
Authors Colin Dixon, Thomas E. Anderson, Arvind Krishnamurthy
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