Phase Transition Near a Liquid-Gas Coexistence Equilibrium

9 years 10 months ago
Phase Transition Near a Liquid-Gas Coexistence Equilibrium
Effects of small perturbations from a liquid-gas coexistence equilibrium (the Maxwell states) is studied for an isothermal (or isentropic) gas-liquid phase transition in a sealed onedimensional finite length tube, by using a van per Waals model with a viscous-capillary regularization. A matched asymptotic expansion is used to derive formally a linear system satisfied by leading order perturbations. The linear system is solved analytically and checked against numerical simulations. Analyses of the linear system suggest the following: (i) A gas-liquid interface approaches its final destination (determined by mass conservation) in general in a oscillatory manner with frequency determined in part by the speeds of sound in gas and liquid; (ii) Kinetic energies of small initial perturbations will in general be dissipated in the phase transition process, and the system approaches steady states; (iii) In some special cases (for example, the time needed for the sound wave to travel in liquid fr...
Xiao-Ping Wang, Xinfu Chen
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Type Journal
Year 2000
Authors Xiao-Ping Wang, Xinfu Chen
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