The Physical Symbol System Hypothesis: Status and Prospects

10 years 6 months ago
The Physical Symbol System Hypothesis: Status and Prospects
I analyze some of the attacks against the Physical Symbol System Hypothesis--attacks based on the presumed need for symbolgrounding and non-symbolic processing for intelligent behavior and on the supposed non-computational and "mindless" aspects of brains. The physical symbol system hypothesis (PSSH), first formulated by Newell and Simon in their Turing Award paper,1 states that "a physical symbol system [such as a digital computer, for example] has the necessary and sufficient means for intelligent action." The hypothesis implies that computers, when we provide them with the appropriate symbol-processing programs, will be capable of intelligent action. It also implies, as Newell and Simon wrote, that "the symbolic behavior of man arises because he has the characteristics of a physical symbol system." Newell and Simon admitted that The hypothesis could indeed be false. Intelligent behavior is not so easy to produce that any system will exhibit it willy-nil...
Nils J. Nilsson
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Year 2006
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Authors Nils J. Nilsson
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