Physical unclonable function with tristate buffers

11 years 6 months ago
Physical unclonable function with tristate buffers
— The lack of robust tamper-proofing techniques in security applications has provided attackers the ability to virtually circumvent mathematically strong cryptographic primitives by directly attacking the hardware. Consequently, physical tamper-proofing has emerged as an essential element in secure system design. To this end, physical unclonable functions (PUF) have been proposed to build tamper proof hardware and thereby create secure data storages. A delay based PUF scheme was proposed which uses the intrinsic process variations to randomize switches and thereby implement a pseudorandom function family. When tampered with, the device experiences a change in its internal physical parameters. This will alter the pseudorandom function family. Therefore, rendering an attack unsuccessful. In this paper, we propose a delay based PUF circuit that is constructed from tristate buffers. The proposed PUF circuit consumes less power and requires less area. Furthermore, we develop a linear de...
Erdinç Öztürk, Ghaith Hammouri, B
Added 31 May 2010
Updated 31 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Erdinç Öztürk, Ghaith Hammouri, Berk Sunar
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