Physical world as an internet of things

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Physical world as an internet of things
ABSTRACT . Categories and Subject Descriptors K. Computing Milieux K.m MISCELLANEOUS General Terms Theory Keywords Cyber-physics, Internet of Things, Quantum computing Cloud Computing, Bioinformatics A concept of the physical Universe that does not address the issue of the difference in the behavior of dead and living matter is not just incomplete, it simply cannot be correct. We have developed a cellular automaton model of the Universe where the appearing material configurations share the information control under global content-addressable holographic memory. As a result, biological information processing is organized as Cloud Computing [1]. With the rise of the Internet there is no doubts that such an organization is much more efficient; other control arrangements for material things may be simply not workable. The Internet construction of the physical world is a sort of realization of quantum computing. The viability of this construction is most dramatically revealed by the phenome...
Simon Berkovich
Added 25 Aug 2011
Updated 25 Aug 2011
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Year 2011
Authors Simon Berkovich
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