A physically-based particle model of emergent crowd behaviors

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A physically-based particle model of emergent crowd behaviors
This paper presents a modeling process in order to produce a realistic simulation of crowds in the ancient Greek agora of Argos. This place was a social theater in which two kinds of collective phenomena took place: interpersonal interactions (small group discussion and negotiation, etc.) and global collective phenomena, such as flowing and jamming. In this paper, we focus on the second type of collective human phenomena, called non-deliberative emergent crowd phenomena. This is a typical case of collective emergent self-organization. When a great number of individuals move within a confined environment and under a common fate, collective structures appear spontaneously: jamming with inner collapses, organized flowing with queues, curls, and vortices, propagation effects, etc. These are particularly relevant features to enhance the realism more precisely the "truthfulness" - of models of this kind of collective phenomena. We assume that this truthfulness is strongly associat...
Laure Heïgéas, Annie Luciani, Joë
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Year 2010
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Authors Laure Heïgéas, Annie Luciani, Joëlle Thollot, Nicolas Castagné
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