Pinocchio: conducting a virtual symphony orchestra

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Pinocchio: conducting a virtual symphony orchestra
We present a system that allows users of any skill to conduct a virtual orchestra. Tempo and volume of the orchestra's performance are influenced with a baton. Pinocchio works with several types of batons, differing in tracking method and in algorithms for gesture recognition. The virtual orchestra can be configured, allowing the muting, hiding and positioning of individual musicians or instrument groups in 3D space. The audio and video material is based on a professional recording session with the Bavarian symphony orchestra. Pinocchio's long-term goal is the creation of a multi-modal, device independent framework for gesture-based applications which require motor skills or the control and operation of a complex set of sensors in intelligent house or car driver assistance systems. In this paper, we describe the current development status of the project, detail its usage and finally give an overview over our future project goals. Categories and Subject Descriptors J.5 [Arts ...
Bernd Bruegge, Christoph Teschner, Peter Lachenmai
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Bernd Bruegge, Christoph Teschner, Peter Lachenmaier, Eva Fenzl, Dominik Schmidt, Simon Bierbaum
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