PIPES - A Public Infrastructure for Processing and Exploring Streams

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PIPES - A Public Infrastructure for Processing and Exploring Streams
PIPES is a flexible and extensible infrastructure providing fundamental building blocks to implement a data stream management system (DSMS). It is seamlessly integrated into the Java library XXL [1, 2, 3] for advanced query processing and extends XXL's scope towards continuous data-driven query processing over autonomous data sources. A Brief Summary of PIPES A library approach, such as XXL and its integral part PIPES, seems to be adequate in the context of stream processing since it provides a variety of transparent and exchangeable building blocks. Based on these components, we are able to create a fully functional DSMS tailored to a specific application scenario, while ensuring flexibility as well as extensibility. Furthermore, we intend to analyze and compare the performance of such prototypically generated systems to determine which combination of building blocks is most suitable for a given application scenario. Contrary to existing work, we do not aim for building just ano...
Bernhard Seeger, Jürgen Krämer
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Bernhard Seeger, Jürgen Krämer
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