Planar Waveguide Arrays for Millimeter Wave Systems

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Planar Waveguide Arrays for Millimeter Wave Systems
Design of high gain and high efficiency antennas is one of the key challenges in antenna engineering and especially in millimeter wave communication systems. Various types of planar waveguide arrays with series-fed traveling wave operation have been developed in Tokyo Tech. Key features of single-layer arrays in terms of mass production and fabrication cost have been studied, developed and demonstrated there. In this talk, in addition to the array design techniques, the novel methods for loss evaluation of materials and also the diffusion bonding for fabricating waveguide fine structure, specially developed for the millimeter wave are discussed. These arrays are now applied to two kinds of systems in the Tokyo Tech millimeter wave project; the indoor short range file-transfer systems and the outdoor communication systems for the medium range backhaul links. The latter has been field-tested in the model network built in Tokyo Tech Okayama campus. The talk covers early stage progress of...
Makoto Ando
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Year 2010
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