Planet usher: an interactive home movie

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Planet usher: an interactive home movie
This essay investigates the peculiar situation of a new media project which takes as its raw material the home-video archive of a deaf man gone blind. In an attempt to revive this 'lost archive', Planet Usher: An Interactive Home Movie looks to uncover enduring spaces of productivity and, in the process, to make a case for the enduring viability and importance of home modes of production. While usually thought of as geographic, home may be photographic as well, unconfined to a specific place, but transportable within the space of imagination. (Moran 2002, 61) But the most crucial thing to note is that the question of this space is raised within the space itself—that the agents have points of view on this objective space which depend on their position within it and in which their will to transform or conserve it is often expressed. (Bourdieu 1984, 169) Not lost Not only is the home a space, it is very much a time, and very often a time that has passed. It is also, as James ...
Patrick Tarrant
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Year 2004
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