Planning Graphs and Knowledge Compilation

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Planning Graphs and Knowledge Compilation
One of the major advances in classical planning has been the development of Graphplan. Graphplan builds a layered structure called the planning graph, and then searches this structure backwards for a plan. Modern SAT and CSP approaches also use the planning graph but replace the regression search by a constrained-directed search. The planning graph uncovers implicit constraints in the problem that reduce the size of the search tree. Such constraints encode lower bounds on the number of time steps required for achieving the goal and account for the huge performance gap between Graphplan and its predecessors. Still, the form of local consistency underlying the construction of the planning graph is not well understood, being described by various authors as a limited form of negative binary resolution, k-consistency, or 2-j consistency. In this paper, we aim to shed light on this issue by showing that the computation of the planning graph corresponds exactly to the iterative computation o...
Hector Geffner
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Year 2004
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