Portioned EDF-based scheduling on multiprocessors

12 years 3 months ago
Portioned EDF-based scheduling on multiprocessors
This paper presents an EDF-based algorithm, called Earliest Deadline Deferrable Portion (EDDP), for efficient scheduling of recurrent real-time tasks on multiprocessor systems. The design of EDDP is based on the portioned scheduling technique which classifies each task into a fixed task or a migratable task. A fixed task is scheduled on the dedicated processor without migrations. A migratable task is meanwhile permitted to migrate between the particular two processors. In order to curb the cost of task migrations, EDDP makes at most M - 1 migratable tasks on M processors. The scheduling analysis derives the condition for a given task set to be schedulable. It is also proven that no tasks ever miss deadlines, if the system utilization does not exceed 65%. Beyond the theoretical analysis, the effectiveness of EDDP is evaluated through simulation studies. Simulation results show that EDDP achieves high system utilization with a small number of preemptions, compared with the traditional E...
Shinpei Kato, Nobuyuki Yamasaki
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Shinpei Kato, Nobuyuki Yamasaki
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