Post's Programme for the Ershov Hierarchy

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Post's Programme for the Ershov Hierarchy
This paper extends Post’s programme to finite levels of the Ershov hierarchy of ∆2 sets. Our initial characterisation, in the spirit of Post [27], of the degrees of the immune and hyperimmune n-enumerable sets leads to a number of results setting other immunity properties in the context of the Turing and wtt-degrees derived from the Ershov hierarchy. For instance, we show that any n-enumerable hyperhyperimmune set must be co-enumerable, for each n ≥ 2. The situation with regard to the wtt-degrees is particularly interesting, as demonstrated by a range of results concerning the wtt-predecessors of hypersimple sets. Finally, we give a number of results directed at characterising basic classes of n-enumerable degrees in terms of natural information content. For example, a 2-enumerable degree contains a 2-enumerable dense immune set iff it contains a 2-enumerable r-cohesive set iff it bounds a high enumerable set. This result is extended to a characterisation of n-enumerable degre...
Bahareh Afshari, George Barmpalias, S. Barry Coope
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Authors Bahareh Afshari, George Barmpalias, S. Barry Cooper, Frank Stephan
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