Power-delay tradeoffs for radix-4 and radix-8 dividers

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Power-delay tradeoffs for radix-4 and radix-8 dividers
The use of higher radices in division reduces the number of iterations to complete the operation, but increases the complexity of the circuit. In this paper we explore the in uence of the radix on the power dissipation of a oating-point divider and the power-delay tradeo s. We compare the performance and the energy consumption per operation for a radix-4 and a radix-8 divider, realized in CMOS technology. A reduction of about 40 in the energy consumption is obtained for both radices about 70 if low-voltage gates, for dual voltage implementation, are available. Also the results show that the radix-8 divider is about 20 faster and the energy dissipated to perform a division is about the same, with respect to the radix-4.
Alberto Nannarelli, Tomás Lang
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Authors Alberto Nannarelli, Tomás Lang
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