On the Power of Quantum Proofs

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On the Power of Quantum Proofs
We study the power of quantum proofs, or more precisely, the power of Quantum MerlinArthur (QMA) protocols, in two well studied models of quantum computation: the black box model and the communication complexity model. Our main results are obtained for the communication complexity model. For this model, we identify a complete promise problem for QMA protocols, the Linear Subspaces Distance problem. The problem is of geometrical nature: Each player gets a linear subspace of Rm and considers the sphere of unit vectors in that subspace. Their goal is to output 1 if the distance between the two spheres is very small (say, smaller than 0.1 · √ 2) and 0 if the distance is very large (say, larger than 0.9 · √ 2). We show that:
Ran Raz, Amir Shpilka
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where COCO
Authors Ran Raz, Amir Shpilka
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