Power reduction techniques for a spread spectrum based correlator

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Power reduction techniques for a spread spectrum based correlator
This paper presents the design of a low power spread spectrum correlator. We look at two major approaches and evaluate the best alternative for power reduction. We first consider a shift register FIFO implementation and look at reducing the switching activity for the arithmetic operations with a change in the addition algorithm. The correlation calculation can be modified to include storage of the previous result so that arithmetic circuits need only compute the difference between the present and next value. A binary adder tree with bypass can then reduce power by shutting off unnecessary computations. We then look at minimizing the power for sample storage by limiting the amount of data moved per cycle. This can be achieved by using a register file FIFO implementation. Interestingly, the two power minimization techniques, bypass adder tree and register file FIFO implementation, were found to be strongly nonorthogonal, with the final effect that the register file changes the dat...
David Garrett, Mircea R. Stan
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Authors David Garrett, Mircea R. Stan
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