A Practical Guide to Large Tiled Displays

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A Practical Guide to Large Tiled Displays
Abstract. The drive for greater detail in scientific computing and digital photography is creating demand for ultra-resolution images and visualizations. Such images are best viewed on large displays with enough resolution to show “big picture” relationships concurrently with finegrained details. Historically, large scale displays have been rare due to the high costs of equipment, space, and maintenance. However, modern tiled displays of commodity LCD monitors offer large aggregate image resolution and can be constructed and maintained at low cost. We present a discussion of the factors to consider in constructing tiled LCD displays and an evaluation of current approaches used to drive them based on our experience constructing displays ranging from 36 Mpixels to 307 Mpixels. We wish to capture current practices to inform the design and construction of future displays at current and larger scales.
Paul A. Navrátil, Brandt M. Westing, Gregor
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Where ISVC
Authors Paul A. Navrátil, Brandt M. Westing, Gregory P. Johnson, Ashwini Athalye, Jose Carreno, Freddy Rojas
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