Practical predicate dispatch

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Practical predicate dispatch
Predicate dispatch is an object-oriented (OO) language mechanism for determining the method implementation to be invoked upon a message send. With predicate dispatch, each method implementation includes a predicate guard specifying the conditions under which the method should be invoked, and logical implication of predicates determines the method overriding relation. Predicate dispatch naturally unifies and generalizes several common forms of dynamic dispatch, including traditional OO dispatch, multimethod dispatch, and functional-style pattern matching. Unfortunately, prior languages supporting predicate dispatch have had several deficiencies that limit its utility in practice. We introduce JPred, a backward-compatible extension to Java supporting predicate dispatch. While prior languages with predicate dispatch have been extensions to toy or non-mainstream languages, we show how predicate dispatch can be naturally added to a traditional OO language. While prior languages with pred...
Todd D. Millstein
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Todd D. Millstein
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