Practical Short Signature Batch Verification

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Practical Short Signature Batch Verification
In many applications, it is desirable to work with signatures that are both short, and yet where many messages from different signers be verified very quickly. RSA signatures satisfy the latter condition, but are generally thousands of bits in length. Recent developments in pairingbased cryptography produced a number of "short" signatures which provide equivalent security in a fraction of the space. Unfortunately, verifying these signatures is computationally intensive due to the expensive pairing operation. In an attempt to simultaneously achieve "short and fast" signatures, Camenisch, Hohenberger and Pedersen (Eurocrypt 2007) showed how to batch verify two pairing-based schemes so that the total number of pairings was independent of the number of signatures to verify. In this work, we present both theoretical and practical contributions. On the theoretical side, we introduce new batch verifiers for a wide variety of regular, identity-based, group, ring and aggreg...
Anna Lisa Ferrara, Matthew Green, Susan Hohenberge
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Anna Lisa Ferrara, Matthew Green, Susan Hohenberger, Michael Østergaard Pedersen
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