Precise Distributed Localization Algorithms for Wireless Networks

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Precise Distributed Localization Algorithms for Wireless Networks
We propose in this paper reliable and precise distributed localization algorithms for wireless networks: iterative multidimensional scaling (IT-MDS) and simulated annealing multidimensional scaling (SA-MDS). We use only radio communication constraints to infer node’s distances, and uniquely combine multidimensional scaling algorithm (MDS) with lateration algorithm. We analytically establish the upperbound on the estimation error. The proposed techniques can estimate all nodes’ positions even with limited and imprecise network knowledge. Analysis and test runs show that the proposed methods are independent from the topology randomness and the range measurement errors. We attempt to bound the localization imprecision. Simulation results yield an average estimation error of about 25% of radio transmission range. And the highest estimation error observed is 40% radio range for most networks.
Saad Biaz, Yiming Ji
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Saad Biaz, Yiming Ji
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