Predicting component failures at design time

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Predicting component failures at design time
How do design decisions impact the quality of the resulting software? In an empirical study of 52 ECLIPSE plug-ins, we found that the software design as well as past failure history, can be used to build models which accurately predict failure-prone components in new programs. Our prediction only requires usage relationships between components, which are typically defined in the design phase; thus, designers can easily explore and assess design alternatives in terms of predicted quality. In the ECLIPSE study, 90% of the 5% most failure-prone components, as predicted by our model from design data, turned out to actually produce failures later; a random guess would have predicted only 33%. Categories and Subject Descriptors D.2.7 [Software Engineering]: Distribution, Maintenance, and Enhancement—version control; D.2.8 [Software Engineering]: Metrics—Complexity measures, Process metrics, Product metrics; D.2.9 [Software Engineering]: Management—Software quality assurance (SQA) Gen...
Adrian Schröter, Thomas Zimmermann, Andreas Z
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Adrian Schröter, Thomas Zimmermann, Andreas Zeller
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