Preferred direction Steiner trees

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Preferred direction Steiner trees
Interconnect optimization for VLSI circuits has received wide attention. To model routing surfaces, multiple circuit layers are freabstracted as a single rectilinear plane, ignoring via costs, layer dependent routing costs, and congestion impact for routing in a particular direction. In this paper, we consider preferred direction multi-layer routing, which more closely models practical applications. We adapt a well known rectilinear planar Steiner tree heuristic, resulting in a new method to construct low cost Steiner trees under a realistic model. Our implementation is fast and effective, obtaining reductions in tree cost of 11% to 37% on average for random problems. Our results include a proof that the performance bound of Minimum Spanning Tree cost to Steiner Minimal Tree cost under this
Mehmet Can Yildiz, Patrick H. Madden
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Type Journal
Year 2002
Where TCAD
Authors Mehmet Can Yildiz, Patrick H. Madden
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