Preservation of Interpolation Features by Fibring

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Preservation of Interpolation Features by Fibring
Fibring is a metalogical constructor that permits to combine different logics by operating on their deductive systems under certain natural restrictions, as for example that the two given logics are presented by deductive systems of the same type. Under such circumstances, fibring will produce a new deductive system by means of the free use of inference rules from both deductive systems, provided the rules are schematic, in the sense of using variables that are open for application to formulas with new linguistic symbols (from the point of view of each logic component). Fibring is a generalization of fusion, a less general but wider developed mechanism which permits results of the following kind: if each logic component is decidable (or sound, or complete with respect to a certain semantics) then the resulting logic heirs such a property. The interest for such preservation results for combining logics is evident, and they have been achieved in the more general setting of fibring in se...
Walter Alexandre Carnielli, João Rasga, Cri
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Updated 13 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2008
Authors Walter Alexandre Carnielli, João Rasga, Cristina Sernadas
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