Principles of 2-sliding mode design

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Principles of 2-sliding mode design
Second order sliding modes are used to keep exactly a constraint of the second relative degree or just to avoid chattering, i.e. in the cases when the standard (first order) sliding mode implementation might be involved or impossible. Design of a number of new 2-sliding controllers is demonstrated by means of the proposed homogeneity-based approach. A recently developed robust exact differentiator being applied, robust output-feedback controllers with finite-time convergence are produced, capable to control any general uncertain single-input-single-output process with relative degree 2. An effective simple procedure is developed to attenuate the 1-sliding mode chattering. Simulation of new controllers is presented. Key words: Second-order sliding mode; Robustness; Homogeneity; Chattering; Output feedback.
Arie Levant
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Authors Arie Levant
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