Privacy preserving database application testing

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Privacy preserving database application testing
Traditionally, application software developers carry out their tests on their own local development databases. However, such local databases usually have only a small number of sample data and hence cannot simulate satisfactorily a live environment, especially in terms of performance and scalability testing. On the other hand, the idea of testing applications over live production databases is increasingly problematic in most situations primarily due to the fact that such use of live production databases has the potential to expose sensitive data to an unauthorized tester and to incorrectly update information in the underlying database. In this paper, we investigate techniques to generate mock databases for application software testing without revealing any confidential information from the live production databases. Specifically, we will design mechanisms to create the deterministic rule set R, non-deterministic rule set NR, and statistic data set S for a live production database. W...
Xintao Wu, Yongge Wang, Yuliang Zheng
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Updated 05 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2003
Where WPES
Authors Xintao Wu, Yongge Wang, Yuliang Zheng
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