PRL: A probabilistic relational language

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PRL: A probabilistic relational language
In this paper, we describe the syntax and semantics for a probabilistic relational language (PRL). PRL is a recasting of recent work in Probabilistic Relational Models (PRMs) into a logic programming framework. We show how to represent varying degrees of complexity in the semantics including attribute uncertainty, structural uncertainty and identity uncertainty. Our approach is similar in spirit to the work in Bayesian Logic Programs (BLPs), and Logical Bayesian Networks (LBNs). However, surprisingly, there are still some important differences in the resulting formalism; for example, we introduce a general notion of aggregates based on the PRM approaches. One of our contributions is that we show how to support richer forms of structural uncertainty in a probabilistic logical language than have been previously described. Our goal in this work is to present a unifying framework that supports all of the types of relational uncertainty yet is based on logic programming formalisms. We also ...
Lise Getoor, John Grant
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Type Journal
Year 2006
Where ML
Authors Lise Getoor, John Grant
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