Proactive Network Fault Detection

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Proactive Network Fault Detection
The increasing role of communication networks in today’s society results in a demand for higher levels of network availability and reliability. At the same time, fault management is becoming more dificult due to the dynamic nature and heterogeneity of networks. We propose an intelligent monitoring system using adaptive statistical techniques. The system continually learns the normal behavior of the network and detects deviations from the norm. Within the monitoring system, the measurements are segmented, and features extracted from the segments are used to describe the normal behavior of the measurement variables. This information is combined in the structure of a Bayesian network. The proposed system is thereby able to detect unknown or unseenfaults. Experimental results on real network data demonstrate that the proposed system can detect abnormal behavior before afault actually occurs.
Cynthia S. Hood, Chuanyi Ji
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Authors Cynthia S. Hood, Chuanyi Ji
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