A Probabilistic Coverage Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

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A Probabilistic Coverage Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
—We propose a new probabilistic coverage protocol (denoted by PCP) that considers probabilistic sensing models. PCP is fairly general and can be used with different sensing models. In particular, PCP requires the computation of a single parameter from the adopted sensing model, while everything else remains the same. We show how this parameter can be derived in general, and we actually do the calculations for two example sensing models: (i) the probabilistic exponential sensing model, and (ii) the commonly-used deterministic disk sensing model. The first model is chosen because it is conservative in terms of estimating sensing capacity, and it has been used before in another probabilistic coverage protocol, which enables us to conduct a fair comparison. Because it is conservative, the exponential sensing model can be used as a first approximation for many other sensing models. The second model is chosen to show that our protocol can easily function as a deterministic coverage proto...
Mohamed Hefeeda, Hossein Ahmadi
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where ICNP
Authors Mohamed Hefeeda, Hossein Ahmadi
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