Probabilistic Logic: Many-valuedness and Intensionality

9 years 1 months ago
Probabilistic Logic: Many-valuedness and Intensionality
The probability theory is a well-studied branch of mathematics, in order to carry out formal reasoning about probability. Thus, it is important to have a logic, both for computation of probabilities and for reasoning about probabilities, with a well-defined syntax and semantics. Both current approaches, based on Nilsson’s probability structures/logics, and on linear inequalities in order to reason about probabilities, have some weak points. In this paper we have presented the complete revision of both approaches. We have shown that the full embedding of Nilsson’ probabilistic structure into propositional logic results in a truth-functional many-valued logic, differently from Nilsson’s intuition and current considerations about propositional probabilistic logic. Than we have shown that the logic for reasoning about probabilities can be naturally embedded into a 2-valued intensional FOL with intensional abstraction, by avoiding current ad-hoc system composed of two different 2-...
Zoran Majkic
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Year 2011
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