Process Algebras for Collective Dynamics

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Process Algebras for Collective Dynamics
d Abstract) Jane Hillston Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland Quantitative Analysis Stochastic process algebras extend classical process algebras such as CCS [1] and CSP [2] with quantified notions of time and probability. Examples include PEPA [3], EMPA [4], MoDeST [5] and IMC [6]. These formalisms retain the compositional structure of classical process algebras and the additional information captured within the model allows analysis to investigate additional properties such as dynamic behaviour and resource usage. Stochastic process algebras have been successfully applied to quantitative evaluation of systems for over a decade. For example, in the context of performance analysis, PEPA has been used to describe both software and hardware systems and has helped to incorporate early performance prediction into the design process. Moreover, recently there has been considerable interest in using stochastic process algebras for modelling i...
Jane Hillston
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