The Production of Code-Mixed Discourse

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The Production of Code-Mixed Discourse
We propose a comprehensive theory of codemixed discourse, encompassing equivalencepoint and insertional code-switching, palindromic constructions and lexical borrowing. The starting point is a production model of code-switching accounting for empirical observations about switch-point distribution (the equivalence constraint), well-formedness of monolingual fragments, conservation of constituent structure and lack of constraint between successive switch points, without invoking any "code-switching grammar". Codeswitched sentence production makes alternate reference to two virtual monolingual sentences, one in each language, and is based on conservative conditions on language labeling of constituents, together with a constraint against real-time "look-ahead" from one code-switch to the next. Selective weakening of model conditions can produce (i) the type of palindromic (or portmanteau) construction occasionally occurring e.g., in switches between prepositional and p...
David Sankoff
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Year 1998
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