Programmable mobile networks

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Programmable mobile networks
We present the design, implementation and evaluation of an open programmable mobile network based on distributed object technology called mobiware that dynamically exploits the intrinsic scalable properties of adaptive mobile applications. While a number of adaptive mobile systems have been proposed in the literature few experimental systems exist today to assess the viability of the adaptive approach. We argue that existing mobile systems (e.g., mobile IP, mobile ATM and third generation cellular systems) lack the intrinsic architectural flexibility to deal with the complexity of supporting adaptive mobile applications in wireless and mobile environments. We believe that there is a need to develop alternative network architectures from the existing ones to deal with the tremendous demands placed on underlying mobile signaling, adaptation management and wireless transport middleware. Mobiware represents one example of such an alternative approach. Softwareintensive (
Andrew T. Campbell, Michael E. Kounavis, Raymond R
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Type Journal
Year 1999
Where CN
Authors Andrew T. Campbell, Michael E. Kounavis, Raymond R.-F. Liao
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