A Programmable Service Architecture for Mobile Medical Care

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A Programmable Service Architecture for Mobile Medical Care
This paper introduces MobiCare ? a novel service architecture that enables a wide range of health-related services for efficient and mobile patient care. These services include: (1) healthrelated services in medical devices and sensors to remotely install, self-activate, reconfigure or even self-repair with new health services and applications, (2) secure and reliable dynamic software upgrade or update services applied to the native code of the clinical device, and, (3) remote registration and (re)configuration of body sensors as well as remote health-data services such as patient health report downloads and diagnosis data uploads with provider servers. Collectively these services address a range of patient medical monitoring needs by accelerating deployment of new health-related services, thus reducing medical costs and improving the quality of patient care. We are currently implementing a proof-of-concept prototype. Early experiences with MobiCare do show that it has the potential t...
Rajiv Chakravorty
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Year 2006
Authors Rajiv Chakravorty
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