A programming environment for behavioural animation

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A programming environment for behavioural animation
Behavioural models offer the ability to simulate autonomous agents like organisms and living beings. Psychological studies have showed that the human behaviour can be described by a perception-decisionaction loop, in which the decisional process should integrate several programming paradigms such as real-time, concurrency and hierarchy. Building such systems for interactive simulation requires the design of a reactive system treating flows of data to and from the environment, and involving task control and preemption. Since a complete mental model based on vision and image processing cannot be constructed in real time using purely geometrical information, higher levels of information are needed in a model of the virtual environment. For example, the autonomous actors of a virtual world would exploit the knowledge of the environment topology to navigate through it. Accordingly, in this paper we present our programming environment for real-time behavioural animation which is compounded ...
Frédéric Devillers, Stéphane
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Type Journal
Year 2002
Where JVCA
Authors Frédéric Devillers, Stéphane Donikian, Fabrice Lamarche, Jean-François Taille
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