'Programming language paradigms' instruction through designing a new paradigm

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'Programming language paradigms' instruction through designing a new paradigm
Undergraduate and master’s students enrolled in a programming language paradigms class are given the assignment to design a new programming language paradigm. The students are asked to develop a paradigm concept, demonstrate the utility of the paradigm for programmed solutions, and outline a sample programming language. Resulting student-designed paradigms from this class fall into three loosely defined categories: connection with a physical item, modeling a process, and representing program structure. The resulting class experience demonstrates that students can think and create beyond existing s and features of languages to the level of abstraction that defines a new paradigm. Categories and Subject Descriptors D.3.m [Programming Languages--Miscellaneous] General Terms Design, Languages. Keywords Paradigms, Languages.
Hilda M. Standley
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Year 2006
Authors Hilda M. Standley
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