Progressive lossless compression of arbitrary simplicial complexes

11 years 9 months ago
Progressive lossless compression of arbitrary simplicial complexes
Efficient algorithms for compressing geometric data have been widely developed in the recent years, but they are mainly designed for closed polyhedral surfaces which are manifold or "nearly manifold". We propose here a progressive geometry compression scheme which can handle manifold models as well as "triangle soups" and 3D tetrahedral meshes. The method is lossless when the decompression is complete which is extremely important in some domains such as medical or finite element. While most existing methods enumerate the vertices of the mesh in an order depending on the connectivity, we use a kd-tree technique [Devillers and Gandoin 2000] which does not depend on the connectivity. Then we compute a compatible sequence of meshes which can be encoded using edge expansion [Hoppe et al. 1993] and vertex split [Popovi
Pierre-Marie Gandoin, Olivier Devillers
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Type Journal
Year 2002
Where TOG
Authors Pierre-Marie Gandoin, Olivier Devillers
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