The Proper Treatment Of Word Order In HPSG

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The Proper Treatment Of Word Order In HPSG
: This paper describes a possibility of expressing ordering constraints among non-sister constituents in binary branching syntactic structures on a local basis, supported by viewing the binary branching structure as a list (rather than a tree) of constituents within HPSGstyle grammars. The core idea of such a description of ordering is constituted by creating a type lattice for lists. The possibilities of expressing different approaches to word order in the framework are briefly discussed, exemplified and compared to other methods. In the standard immediate-constituent based approaches, the "free" word order I is described either directly in the phrase-structure (PS) rules, which thus express simultaneously both dominance (mother/daughter) relations and precedence (ordering) relations between syntactic categories, or, in more recent formalisms such as GPSG or HPSG, by the linear precedence (LP) rules creating a separate component of the grammar, whose other component is the s...
Karel Oliva
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Year 1992
Authors Karel Oliva
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