Propositions, Propositional Attitudes and Belief Revision

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Propositions, Propositional Attitudes and Belief Revision
In this paper I will propose a new approach to certain semantic puzzles due to Frege, Kripke and others, and the question of propositional attitudes, via the notion of belief revision. The principal logical tool used for setting up the solution is the notion an individual theory. I shall suppose that each individual has his or her own theory consisting of the sentences the individual accepts. It is this theory, which together with the individual's preferences leads to a choice of some actions over others; it is this theory out of which the individual communicates; and it is this theory which is revised when a communication, in the form of a sentence uttered by another, is heard or otherwise received. The theory may also be revised as a result of an experience with the "world" as might happen when someone without an umbrella gets wet and adds "It is raining" to his theory. There is also a community theory Tc which consists of sentences which we all accept and w...
Rohit Parikh
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Year 1998
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