The Proteogenomic Mapping Tool

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The Proteogenomic Mapping Tool
Background: High-throughput mass spectrometry (MS) proteomics data is increasingly being used to complement traditional structural genome annotation methods. To keep pace with the high speed of experimental data generation and to aid in structural genome annotation, experimentally observed peptides need to be mapped back to their source genome location quickly and exactly. Previously, the tools to do this have been limited to custom scripts designed by individual research groups to analyze their own data, are generally not widely available, and do not scale well with large eukaryotic genomes. Results: The Proteogenomic Mapping Tool includes a Java implementation of the Aho-Corasick string searching algorithm which takes as input standardized file types and rapidly searches experimentally observed peptides against a given genome translated in all 6 reading frames for exact matches. The Java implementation allows the application to scale well with larger eukaryotic genomes while providi...
William S. Sanders, Nan Wang, Susan M. Bridges, Br
Added 24 Aug 2011
Updated 24 Aug 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Authors William S. Sanders, Nan Wang, Susan M. Bridges, Brandon M. Malone, Yoginder S. Dandass, Fiona M. McCarthy, Bindu Nanduri, Mark L. Lawrence, Shane C. Burgess
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