Protocol Implementation Using Integrated Layer Processing

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Protocol Implementation Using Integrated Layer Processing
Integrated Layer Processing (ILP) is an implementation concept which "permit[s] the implementor the option of performing all the [data] manipulation steps in one or two integrated processing loops" [1]. To estimate the achievable benefits of ILP, a file transfer application with an encryption function on top of a user-level TCP has been implemented and the performance of the application in terms of throughput and packet processing times has been measured. The results show that it is possible to obtain performance benefits by integrating marshalling, encryption and TCP checksum calculation. They also show that the benefits are smaller than in simple experiments, where ILP effects have not been evaluated in a complete protocol environment. Simulations of memory access and cache hit rate show that the main benefit of ILP is reduced memory accesses rather than an improved cache hit rate. The results further show that data manipulation characteristics may significantly in...
Torsten Braun, Christophe Diot
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Updated 26 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1995
Authors Torsten Braun, Christophe Diot
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