Providing Serializability for Pregel-like Graph Processing Systems

3 years 6 months ago
Providing Serializability for Pregel-like Graph Processing Systems
There is considerable interest in the design and development of distributed systems that can execute algorithms to process large graphs. Serializability guarantees that parallel executions of a graph algorithm produce the same results as some serial execution of that algorithm. Serializability is required by many graph algorithms for accuracy, correctness, or termination but existing graph processing systems either do not provide serializability or cannot provide it efficiently. To address this deficiency, we provide a complete solution that can be implemented on top of existing graph processing systems. Our solution formalizes the notion of serializability and the conditions under which it can be provided for graph processing systems. We propose a novel partitionbased synchronization approach that enforces these conditions to efficiently provide serializability. We implement our partition-based technique into the open source graph processing system Giraph and demonstrate that our te...
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Year 2016
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