Pseudorandom Functions and Lattices

8 years 2 months ago
Pseudorandom Functions and Lattices
We give direct constructions of pseudorandom function (PRF) families based on conjectured hard lattice problems and learning problems. Our constructions are asymptotically efficient and highly parallelizable in a practical sense, i.e., they can be computed by simple, relatively small low-depth arithmetic or boolean circuits (e.g., in NC1 or even TC0 ). In addition, they are the first low-depth PRFs that have no known attack by efficient quantum algorithms. Central to our results is a new “derandomization” technique for the learning with errors (LWE) problem which, in effect, generates the error terms deterministically.
Abhishek Banerjee, Chris Peikert, Alon Rosen
Added 23 Dec 2011
Updated 23 Dec 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Where IACR
Authors Abhishek Banerjee, Chris Peikert, Alon Rosen
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