Punjabi Machine Transliteration

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Punjabi Machine Transliteration
Machine Transliteration is to transcribe a word written in a script with approximate phonetic equivalence in another language. It is useful for machine translation, cross-lingual information retrieval, multilingual text and speech processing. Punjabi Machine Transliteration (PMT) is a special case of machine transliteration and is a process of converting a word from Shahmukhi (based on Arabic script) to Gurmukhi (derivation of Landa, Shardha and Takri, old scripts of Indian subcontinent), two scripts of Punjabi, irrespective of the type of word. The Punjabi Machine Transliteration System uses transliteration rules (character mappings and dependency rules) for transliteration of Shahmukhi words into Gurmukhi. The PMT system can transliterate every word written in Shahmukhi.
M. G. Abbas Malik
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Year 2006
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Authors M. G. Abbas Malik
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