Pursuing genius loci: interaction design and natural places

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Pursuing genius loci: interaction design and natural places
Human computer interaction (HCI) has little explored everyday life and enriching experiences in rural, wilderness and other predominantly ‘‘natural’’ places despite their socioeconomic importance. Beyond simply addressing the challenge arising from applying an urban perspective to designing technologies for use in natural places, we wish to provoke integration of the natural and computational worlds. To stimulate design that both draws upon and affords such integration, we propose seven themes we have distilled from the literature and supplement these with our own research observations. Bodies Imagine and Remember recognizes the inseparability of meanings and corporeal experience of natural places for design. Indexicality and Habitus refers to the need for design to be sensitive to the processes by which natural features become intelligible in our actions and communication. Values and Story-spaces observes the way representations and infrastructures, infused with particular val...
Nicola J. Bidwell, David Browning
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Type Journal
Year 2010
Where PUC
Authors Nicola J. Bidwell, David Browning
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