Push vs. Pull in Web-Based Network Management

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Push vs. Pull in Web-Based Network Management
In this paper, we build on the concept of embedded management application, proposed by Wellens and Auerbach, and present two models of network management application designs that rely on Web technologies. First, the pull model, based on the request/response paradigm, is a generalization of data polling in the SNMP management framework. We explain how to use it for ad hoc management (e.g, troubleshooting) and regular management (e.g., network monitoring). Second, the push model is a novel approach that relies on the publish/subscribe/distribute paradigm. It is better suited to regular management than the pull model, and allows administrators to conserve network bandwidth as well as CPU time on the management station. Keywords Web-Based Management, Network Management, IP Networks, Push Model, Pull Model, Java, Embedded Management Application.
Jean-Philippe Martin-Flatin
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Year 1998
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Authors Jean-Philippe Martin-Flatin
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