QoS-based dissemination of content in Grids

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QoS-based dissemination of content in Grids
This paper proposes a bio-inspired approach tailored to the construction of a Grid information system in which content, specifically metadata descriptors that specify the characteristics of Grid resources, is disseminated and logically reorganized on the Grid. Content management is achieved through the collective activity of a large number of ant-like agents, which perform simple operations at the local level, but together engender an advanced form of "swarm intelligence" at the global level. Agents travel the Grid through P2P interconnections and use probability functions to: (i) replicate resource descriptors and (ii) collect similar descriptors in nearby Grid hosts. Simulation analysis shows that the proposed ARMAP protocol (Ant-based Replication and MApping Protocol) is capable of reducing the entropy of the system and efficiently propagating content. Furthermore, ARMAP permits to enforce the dissemination of descriptors related to high Quality of Service (QoS) resources...
Agostino Forestiero, Carlo Mastroianni, Giandomeni
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Where FGCS
Authors Agostino Forestiero, Carlo Mastroianni, Giandomenico Spezzano
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