Quality Ensuring Development of Software Processes

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Quality Ensuring Development of Software Processes
: Software development is a complex process where many organizational units, persons, systems and artifacts are involved. In companies that exceed a certain size the business processes become difficult to handle and the quality of the product can decrease. A process-oriented view on software development is increasingly popular witnessed by current publications on the software development process and the application of modern quality management systems. The ISO 9000 norm describes a quality management system that provides a process oriented view on general production processes and is widely used in many industries. In this paper we suggest a systematic way of describing and developing software processes that contain certain desirable properties and fulfill quality management demands. Therefore, the design pattern approach known from object-oriented software engineering will be adapted to the modeling of business processes. Using this approach the requirements of the ISO 9000 norm can be...
Alexander Förster, Gregor Engels
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Alexander Förster, Gregor Engels
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