Quantifying load imbalance on virtualized enterprise servers

8 years 10 months ago
Quantifying load imbalance on virtualized enterprise servers
Virtualization has been shown to be an attractive path to increase overall system resource utilization. The use of live virtual machine (VM) migration has enabled more effective sharing of system resources across multiple physical servers, resulting in an increase in overall performance. Live VM migration can be used to load balance virtualized clusters. To drive live migration, we need to be able to measure the current load imbalance. Further, we also need to accurately predict the resulting load imbalance produced by any migration. In this paper we present a new metric that captures the load of the physical servers and is a function of the resident VMs. This metric will be used to measure load imbalance and construct a load-balancing VM migration framework. The algorithm for balancing the load of virtualized enterprise servers follows a greedy approach, inductively predicting which VM migration will yield the greatest improvement of the imbalance metric in a particular step. We com...
Emmanuel Arzuaga, David R. Kaeli
Added 03 Jul 2010
Updated 03 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Where WOSP
Authors Emmanuel Arzuaga, David R. Kaeli
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